Main Office Organization Members

The Property Manager is totally responsible for overseeing and protecting the physical and economic condition of each development assigned. The Property Manager will have the aid and assistance of Resident Specialist, Accountant, site personnel, secretaries, and all other organizational team members to accomplish his or her duties. It is the Property Manager's responsibility to utilize this support staff to accomplish the Property Manager's job of protecting each development assigned. Ineffective efforts by members of the support staff do not alleviate the responsibility of a Property Manager to perform. It is the Property Manager's responsibility to be sure each support team member conducts his or her business practices to meet the standards required by Medallion Management, Inc. The Property Managers are leaders of the Property Management support team.

The Property Manager Team Leader provides additional support and instruction to Property Managers.

The Resident Specialist assists, aids and supports the Property Managers in assuring the ongoing compliance of resident eligibility for the RD financed developments in Medallion Management, Inc.'s portfolio. Specifically, this includes the monthly tracking, calculation and preparation of the RD assisted tenant certifications. The Resident Specialist will be held accountable to insure consistency, accuracy and timeliness in preparing FmHA tenant certifications. This will include direct communication with RD Resident Managers. The Resident Specialist will update and communicate directly with the Vice President to give status reports of each month's activities and point out problem areas.

This position is an organizational team support position.

The Resident Specialist Team Leader provides additional support and instruction to the Resident Specialists.

The Project Accountant is responsible for the payment of invoices, the content and integrity of the general ledger, subsidiary accounts and all required governmental and/or management financial accounting. Accountants will have the assistance of the Accounts Payable Team, Property Management Team, Resident Specialist Team and the secretarial staff to aid in the accomplishment of their duties. The position requires accounting knowledge and/or background, cooperation, accuracy, computer literacy, analytical ability, organization skills, compliance with State and Federal regulations and the ability to perform required tasks in a timely manner. Accountants are leaders of the Accounting Team and are responsible for the integrity of team member contributions.

The Accounting Assistant Supervisor provides additional support and instruction to Accountants.

The Corporate Secretary is a positive support member of the Property Management Team. As organizational communicator, the corporate image is prominent in the Secretary's mind. He or she is responsible for day to day clerical duties as assigned, as well as assisting the Property Management Team in achieving the highest standards of management.

The Corporate Receptionist is responsible for portraying a positive corporate image through professionally receiving all incoming calls to the corporate office. The Receptionist supports all corporate office positions by effectively coordinating telephone communications. This position also assists with clerical duties as required.

The Accounts Payable Team is responsible for the processing of invoices for payment, running and comparing checks to purchase orders and invoices, tracking 1099's and maintaining vendor files. The position supports the accounting and management teams and requires initiative, attention to detail, basic math skills, computer literacy and the ability to classify purchases to the chart of accounts.